Conference Topics

General Systems and Control

  • Robust and optimal control: model predictive control, distributed control
  • Optimisation and decision making: Nonlinear and convex programming, randomised and evolutionary search
  • Modelling, identification and signal processing: multi-scale modelling, fractional system identification
  • Health monitoring and fault diagnosis: fleet-wide monitoring, sensor and data fusion
  • Systems theory: stability, observability and controllability, PDE systems
  • Sensors and actuator systems: IoT, wireless energy harvesting sensors, self-healing systems
  • Embedded and  real-time systems: control on multi-core processors, cloud computing
  • Stochastic and hybrid systems: cyberphysical systems, verification and validation, uncertainty quantification
  • Intelligent systems: artificial intelligence for control, deep learning machines
  • Complex systems: networked systems, big data systems, systems of systems
  • Autonomous systems: game theoretic control, multi-agent systems, adaptive and learning control