Special Sessions

The conference will have a number of special sessions that will take place. The special sessions comprise the standard format of four to six 20 minute presentations or poster-based or demonstration-based or other alternatives where appropriate.

Any associated papers/abstracts destined for a special session should be submitted in the normal way and the session organiser should make it clear to the Chair of the IPC which of these are relevant to their special session. It is not necessary for each contribution to be of identical format (e.g. full paper, abstract) as the organisers wish to encourage participation and sharing.

The confirmed special session themes are:

Complex Dynamics in Cell Biology

Contributions including: quantitative models of cell behaviour, morphogenetic models, patterning during development, gene expression dynamics, cell migration and cell cycle regulation and more. Click here for more information.

Battery management systems for the transport sector

Contributions including: state estimation for improved state of charge and state of health; formulation of battery system models and parameterisation for battery management system design and verification; active energy balancing within the battery pack; battery management system control architectures and more. Click here for more information.


Contributions including: control; path planning and optimisation; obstacle avoidance; decentralised planning; verification and validation of autonomous behaviours; simultaneous localisation and mapping; co-operative and swarming robotics; real-time decision making and more. Click here for more information.

Engineering education

Contributions including: laboratory design, development and/or pedagogy; take home laboratories; lecture delivery; efficient and/or effective assessment, managing and assessing group work and more. Click here for more information.

Control and Optimisation in Smart Grids

Contributions including: control of ac/dc micro-grids, hierarchical control; droop control; demand response; cyber security, game-theoretic tools; smart grid protection and more. Click here for more information.


Contributions including: advanced manufacturing systems in any of the thematic topics in the conference’s scope. Click here for more information.

Panel Session

In addition to the above special sessions, Control 2018 will also be hosting the below panel session:

The Control Curriculum for the 21st Century

In this panel session, the panellists will have 5 min each to sell their vision for what should be in the core control curriculum for engineers taking just one, or perhaps two modules. Click here for more information.