Complex dynamics in cell biology

We are currently accepting abstract submissions for the special session. The session is funded by the Society for Experimental Biology and we are able to offer a limited number of travel grants (£150 for UK applicants and £200 for non-UK applicants). If you are interested please complete the attached form ( Abstract_submissionCDCB2018) and email it to Veronica Biga ( Please confirm if you want to be considered for a travel grant at the time of abstract submission.

The topics of this open invited session are specifically related to, but not limited to, the following research areas:

  • Quantitative models of cell behaviour
  • Morphogenetic models
  • Patterning during development
  • Gene expression dynamics
  • Cell migration and cell cycle regulation


Registration info: We recommend that attendees for the special session consider registering for the day or for a full registration to attend 5—7th Sept. To register, please visit the Control 2018 registration page.

To encourage participation and sharing of best practice, we are accepting contributions which are extended abstract only, that is, there is no need for a full publishable paper although of course you are welcome to write one should you feel this is appropriate for your input.

Invited speaker

Invited Speaker: Dr. Alex Fletcher
Quantitative modelling and analysis of tissue morphogenesis

Dr Alexander Fletcher is a Vice Chancellor’s Fellow in the University of Sheffield’s School of Mathematic and Statistics Department. Alex’s research is concerned with complex biological systems and his group develops computationally intensive individual-based and multiscale simulations. He is interested in mechanisms of tissue homeostasis during normal development and how this is affected during cancer formation.