The Control Curriculum for the 21st Century

In recent years there have been growing discussions on what should be included in the first module on feedback and control. Within the UK historical preferences were for frequency domain methods and perhaps PID design. Alternatively, some academics are arguing that the first course should be based around state space methods and other academics again may be arguing for a more philosophical approach based on numerous case studies, an analysis of the impact of uncertainty and so forth.

In this panel session, the panellists will have 5 min each to sell their vision for what should be in the core control curriculum for engineers taking just one, or perhaps two modules. This will be followed by opportunities for all delegates to have their say.

If the contributions are appropriate, we will summarise the findings in an article after the conference. This may extend to conversations about what resources are most suitable to support the student learning and how we as a community can provide these most effectively.

Confirmed Panellists

This session, chaired by Anthony Rossiter, will comprise of the following panellists:

  • Will Heath
  • Andrea Lecchini-Visintini
  • Christos Yfoulis
  • Cristina Stoica Maniu
  • Tom Lee