As an underpinning science/engineering discipline, Systems and Control Engineering has contributed significantly to the recent growth of advanced manufacturing systems in the UK and beyond. Topics such as the ones of autonomy, decision-making and control, process monitoring and optimisation are pivotal for the realisation of the Industrie 4.0 vision. Whether the manufacturing application is about augmented reality systems, robotics, digital manufacturing or fundamental understanding of processes and materials, the discipline of systems and control is ideally placed to offer algorithms and methods to address challenges specific to the manufacturing sector.

In this special session, we invite papers relevant to advanced manufacturing systems, in any of the thematic topics included in the conference’s scope.



To encourage participation and sharing of best practice, we are accepting contributions which are abstract only, that is, there is no need for a full publishable paper although of course you are welcome to write one should you feel this is appropriate for your input. If you would like to contribute to this session please send a title and 2-3 sentences description to George Panoutsos (

For those who wish to make a parallel full paper submission for the proceedings, the relevant code on the PaperPlaza submission site is:


The final format of the session will be determined based on the contributors.

Confirmed Submissions

A number of authors have confirmed that they will contribute the following for this session. These include:

Contributor Title
Tiwara, A.  Optimisation and control of maintenance systems
Panoutsos, G.  Design of process conditions and laser scanning strategies in Selective Layer Melting using data-driven modelling and feature selection